In english

About me:

My name is Corinne Swade Silfverlåås, I run my own registered company in Sweden, as a licensed personal trainer and I'm also a behavioral scientist. Read more about my educational background below.

My eductional background

International lic. personal trainer - Intensive pt

- Anatomy

- Nutritional studies

- Stretch/warmup/mobility

- Neurochemistry

- Gymnastics

- Sports and Exercise Science

- Biomechanics

- Injuries

- Exercise pre/post pregnancy

Behavioral scientist

- Psychology

- Pedagogy (Stockholm university)

- Sociology (Stockholm university)

- Health Science (Uppsala university)

- Physiology nutrition and Health (uppsala university)


If there is a need for you to have some support from someone who you trust and feel confident with. I hope to be that person. According to your needs, you can get everyday coaching through:

- Texting (Imessage, if you have an Iphone)

- Facebook

- Apps

- Email

Your personal coach - Everyday

I'm thinking that a good way to concretize the coaching is for me to send you an email with feedback every time I receive information about your training/nutrition progress. If that is every day, I will send you an email everyday (Swedish time, approximately +9 h if you live in the USA) As your coach, you are free to ask me ANY question at any time and I will do my best to answer them.